Where is Glass Used?

by | Dec 29, 2011 | Home Improvement Tips

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Winter is here and temperatures are plummeting. When it’s cold and raw outside you want your home nice and warm. One of the best ways of keeping your home warm and bringing down your fuel bills is to ensure your house is properly insulated against the cold. Winterize your home by checking the HVAC system. Insulating the attics, crawl spaces and ducts are a good way of keeping down the energy bills. The walls and floors above the basement and other unheated areas of your house also lose heat. Putting in proper insulation in these areas is also effective in keeping the cold out and heat in. Installing double panes of glass in your windows can significantly reduce loss of heat from the windows. Double glazing is a used in many homes in colder climates to insulate homes.


Glass finds extensive use inside your home for a multitude of purposes. From providing protection against the cold and the elements to preserving privacy, it is an important component in your home. This ubiquitous material has been in use and manufactured for thousands of years. Evidence of its use in popular culture and civilization has been found from relics in ancient Mesopotamia dating to 3500 BC. The compound is used is made from silica from quartz sand. Other additive compounds are used to improve or change the characteristics and quality of the end product but silica is the majority component even today. Silica, limestone, soda ash, dolomite and cullet are the major components in a typical sample.

Glass has maintained its importance and relevance till modern times as it has multiple uses and is reasonably eco-friendly. From cooking utensils and tableware to architecture, the product finds prolific use in our daily lives. There is no substitute in many art forms and in architecture. In fiber optics, in laboratories and for protection and display it can find no parallel.

Glazing in the windows of aircraft is especially strengthened to withstand high pressures. Automobile windshields are designed and manufactured to withstand impact and not shatter if broken. Shattering glass is a very dangerous outcome during an accident and causes major injuries from flying shattered shards to those in close vicinity. As terrorism continues to remain a serious threat, architects now use window film on glass to prevent it from shattering in the event of an explosion or implosion. The film absorbs much of the shock and is a good security measure in office blocks and businesses with shop fronts made of glass. Dallas residents can contact local service providers for replacement, repair and installation of heavy duty glass.


Glass Dallas – If you are looking for repair or installation of glass, Dallas residents can contact AAA Glass Services for all their needs. They can provide you with excellent services in this regard.

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