Who Puts The Service Into Janitorial Service?

by | Jun 4, 2015 | Cleaning

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Too often commercial cleaning crews, custodial crews and janitorial services don’t get the recognition they deserve. When you show up to work, do you think to thank whoever helped your office look so neat and tidy? Do you think to thank whoever it was that spent the extra minute to clean the gunk off the counter or make sure the mirrors and windows are streak free? Extraordinary janitorial services are rare these days; so if you find one that is going above and beyond, make sure you hold onto them.

Finding The Janitorial Service That Cleans For Fun

When you were young did you ever say to yourself “I want to be part of an award-winning cleaning crew when I grow up”? Odds are you didn’t, but at some point the owner of your janitorial service did or something to that affect. The Van Morrison song “Cleaning Windows” is about a man who discovered just this – there’s nothing wrong with making an honest living – “I’m a working man in my prime. I’m happy washing windows.” Just as you are passionate or good at your job, there are owners of commercial cleaning crews who take great pride in what they do. These are the janitorial service providers you should be seeking out or have working at your business.

How Will I Know Who Is The Best?

Deciding on a cleaning company or more specifically a San Jose janitorial service company, may be daunting at first; but if you know what to look for, it becomes a little more manageable.

1.    How long have they worked in the area?
2.    Do they have Green practices in place?
3.    Can they provide a list of clients and client services?
4.    When you call for information, do they have answers for the most up-to date health codes?
5.    What are their reviews like?

In almost every way, you are hiring a company the same way you would any other employee. You want to look at the company’s previous work experience, capabilities and references. The only difference is you are hiring a crew of workers who will be working in your place of business at hours while you may not be there to supervise. Making sure to hire an employer who trains his or her employees to the highest quality of service is key when making a decision on what San Jose Janitorial company to hire.


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