Why Electronic Driver Logs are More Efficient than Paper Logs

by | May 2, 2012 | Uncategorized

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An increasing number of truckers and employees in similar job positions prefer to use electronic driver logs over traditional paper logs. A lot of companies enjoy using the technology because it is user-friendly and does not require extensive training for new drivers to properly record logging events. Within a couple of hours of being hired, new and inexperienced drivers can use electronic driver logs to input all of the information directly into a computer, saving both time and the cost of training.

Electronic driver logs automatically relay information about the condition of the truck without the involvement of the driver, who merely enters his own data. An added benefit is that the electronic driver logs provide a 30-minute advanced warning before drive-time is up and the driver is required to pull over for a break. This allows drivers to avoid violations without having to keep their attention focused on the passage of time while driving.

Despite an initial industry reluctance to use electronic driver logs, major trucking companies are beginning to roll out the technology even when they do not have a mandate to do so. They value the benefit of drivers being held accountable and closely monitored via GPS technology. When drivers drive safely and worry less about violations, major trucking companies view this as adding value to the efficient operation of their trucks, as well as reducing stress levels for drivers. Accidents among truckers who use electronic driver logs have shown a significant reduction, and when there have been accidents, the cause has not been due to driver violations, which is also a plus for the technology.

Perhaps the greatest value for many of the major trucking and transport companies, however, has been that all the data collected by electronic driver logs is organized into easy-to-use digital databases, rather than compiled in hundreds of sheets of paper. The former is far easier to use and create reports from, while the latter takes a lot of effort and time to maintain.

Electronic driver logs result in greater efficiency and savings, which is why many companies are opting for the technology even though there is no mandate by the government to do so.

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