Why You Should Look Into Safes in Irvine

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Security

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Let’s face it, we all have something or some things we want to keep safe and away from harm. We keep these things in Safes Irvine so it’s harder to just take, find, or even to know what it is you’re putting in there for safe-keeping (hence the expression). Some examples would be a mortgage, bill of sale, car note or pink slip, money, birth certificate and Social Security card, and anything that, if it fell into the wrong hands, would spell trouble for your livelihood or those you love such as business receipts, accounting/bookkeeping books, and the like. It’s not hard to figure out what you would put in a safe personally; the real challenge is what size and strength of protection you need.

Small Safe’s are Not Very “Safe”

If you’re just storing small things you may think a small, portable safe would suffice. The problem with this thinking is that if you are ever robbed, or your home, office, or car; wherever you have this/these quality Safes Irvine “sitting”, the thieves know how to break it open once they have it. All they need to do is take it, and being portable makes that an incredibly easy endeavor. The small safes are only great if you store them themselves in a bigger safe (double protection, it’s not that uncommon actually, for very important documents).

Safe’s That ARE Safe

When you think of a safe, the first thing that may pop into your head is Wile E Coyote being hit in the head with a falling safe. If you notice, in the cartoon, the safe never broke, it landed with a vengeance fully intact. This makes an important point about weight. A safe should be HEAVY (hard to steal) when it’s holding ultra-sensitive contents including money, documents, and even biological things you need to keep away from prying eyes or theft. If a safe is that important, it should be heavy enough to make a thief, who can’t break it right there and then, think twice- they will likely go for things less difficult to steal and thus your heavy safe becomes impossible to take. Put it in a closet in the home in a centralized location that is not easy to get in and out of if, for example, the safe were loaded on a hand-truck/dolly. You want this safe to be stuck in there and hard to take.



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