Why Your Hardwood Floor Needs to be Removed by an Experienced Contractor

by | May 23, 2017 | Flooring

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At some point, you may want do away with the existing hardwood floor and install a new one. Replacing your hardwood floor is going to give the house a new feel and improve its aesthetic value. If you want to install different planks of wood from the existing ones, re-staining or adding more wood won’t work well for you. The solution is to remove the old planks and have new ones installed that meet your design needs. But how do you go about it? Here are tips to help you when considering removing hardwood floors in Charleston, SC:

Identify the new plank styles
Check to see that you find the new planks you want to install in the room. This will depend on the existing design and the new trends in the market. You may have seen some in showrooms or from your neighborhood, but you should understand that homes are different. Let the interior design guide you in this process.

Look for a hardwood floor contractor
You don’t want to do this task by yourself unless you are experienced. You could damage the planks. Remember the planks being removed can be used in other spaces within the home. You may even sell them to other homeowners. When you have a professional hand handling the removal process, you ensure the planks are removed without causing damage. The contractors have the tools needed to do the job such as pry bar and mallet.

Clean the surface for new installation
When the planks are removed, you are set to install a new hardwood floor. The contractor can install it for you. Since you have discussed the requirement of the project, the new shape and lengths of the planks will be determined by the contractor removing hardwood floors in Charleston, SC.

Do let your hardwood floors to be an eyesore. Remove them if they are worn out or damaged.

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