Winter Specials from Insulation Contractors in Wichita Falls, TX

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With the winter season nearly here, this is the time to get your home ready to weather the extreme levels of snow and frigid temperatures we often experience here in Texas. You know this is a necessary part of life in Wichita Falls, TX, but did you know there are ways to make it more affordable?

Attic Insulation Inspection

During the month of October, Superior Thermal Solutions is offering a five-point attic inspection for FREE! Usually this service costs $50, but we’ve waived the fee so that you can get ready for winter without breaking the bank.

Our thorough, five-point inspection includes measuring the insulation in your attic to ensure it meets code. The Department of Energy recommends you have at least 15 inches of R44-rated insulation in your attic. But for Wichita Falls, TX winters, we recommend – and use – R49 insulation at a depth of 17.5 inches.

While our service techs are in your attic, they will also check the temperature, ventilation, type of insulation currently installed and for mold or moisture. This is important since moisture, big variations in temperature between the attic and your living space and a lack of ventilation all represent problems that need to be addressed now. And if they find you have old insulation, they will advise you of any possible hazards from carcinogens, flammability and rodent infestation.

Just be sure to schedule your insulation inspection to assess if your home can be made more comfortable and energy efficient prior to October      31, 2013 in order to get it for free.

Insulation Rebates

Here’s another way we can make winterizing your home more affordable this year. A program from Xcel Energy allows our customers to receive a 20 percent rebate off the total cost of new insulation and installation. Ask us about this rebate special when you call for an appointment.


Not all insulation contractors in Wichita Falls, TX offer easy financing terms for projects such as total attic insulation replacement. Superior Thermal Solutions offers several ways to finance your new attic insulation that make it completely affordable and allows you to schedule a service now that will pay for itself in a few short years or less.

If you are looking for Insulation Contractors in Wichita Falls, TX, look no further than Superior Thermal Solutions. We’ve got the October specials and financial help you need to get your home ready for our extreme Texas winters!

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