2 Excellent Reasons to Invest in Storm Doors in Westchester, NY

by | Feb 28, 2020 | Repair and Restoration

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Storm doors are great additions to the main entrances to the home. Along with providing more protection from the weather, they also offer a few other benefits. Here are two examples of how storm doors in Westchester, NY, can make a difference for the typical homeowner.

An Added Layer of Home Security

One of the perks of adding storm doors to the home is that they provide one more barrier that burglars have to breach in order to get inside. The amount of time it takes to get through a storm door is often enough for the residential alarm system to note the activity and alert the authorities. There’s a good chance that the burglar won’t make it all the way through the main door before the police arrive.

Helping Make the Home More Energy Efficient

Exterior doors are one of the points where air seepage is most likely to take place. The addition of storm doors in Westchester, NY, to the front and back entrances helps to reduce the amount of seepage. That makes it easier to control the temperature and humidity level indoors, especially during the summer heat and the winter cold. The result is that it will require less energy to maintain the desired indoor temperature.

Choosing the right storm doors does not have to be a difficult task. With help from a professional, it’s simple to choose the best design and ensure the installation is done properly.

Call Action Lock & Door Company Inc. to learn more about storm doors and what they can do to make the home safer and more comfortable.

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