Lock & Key Sets Need Replacing

by | Nov 29, 2018 | Repair and Restoration

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To protect your home or business premises from unwanted intrusion and theft, entry doors must be equipped with high-quality lock & key sets. The locks on your doors are the first line of defense if opportunistic intruders target your home or business.

If security is compromised, it is imperative that you contact a supplier of quality lock & key sets in Westchester NY. By replacing old locks with new, you immediately regain control of your property.

In addition to securing your home or office, there are other equally valid reasons to change your locks and keys.

Tenants Moving Out

When existing tenants move out of a rental property, you should always replace the door locks with new ones. When tenants move, they may have duplicate keys. Even when they return the key that was originally issued, they may still have one. Spare keys are an invitation to theft, and new locks and keys ensure security and peace of mind.
Wear and Tear

You might think that locks and keys do not wear out, but they do. Like all things, they deteriorate with age and continued use. Any locks that show signs of deterioration must be replaced. Otherwise you are compromising your safety. Choosing to keep worn locks just make it easier for thieves to break into your property. New locks and keys are a deterrent.


If the locks on your home have seen better days, replacing them during a renovation project makes sense. If you are spending money to improve the appearance and function of your home, new locks and keys will certainly enhance performance and functionality.

If you are looking for a wide variety of lock & key sets in Westchester NY, contact Action Lock & Door Company Inc.

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