5 Things You Can Do Before Requesting Bed Bug Removal in Phoenix, AZ

by | Nov 8, 2019 | Pest Control

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Not only will bed bugs infest your home, but they’ll also feed on you and your pets. Once they get a foothold, only professional bed bug removal in Phoenix, AZ, can get rid of them. Before this happens, however, you can do a few things to help prevent these pesky insects from ever having a chance to make your house their home.

Inspect Your Pets

Bed bugs love humans, but they’ll settle for animal flesh. Take a close look at your pet’s bed and other places they’re known to sleep. Also, check their bodies for bites. If you find any bed bug evidence with your mascots, then check your bed and clothes and call in a pro.

Vacuum Everything

Vacuums will suck bed bugs right up. These critters like to hide in carpets, so make sure to vacuum them thoroughly. Also, run the vacuum over your mattress, box spring, and even curtains. When you’re finished, dispose of the vacuum’s waste in a sealed bag and get it out of the house.

Keep Plugs Covered

Bed bugs love to use the holes of your outlets to enter and leave your rooms. Because they’re so small, they can travel throughout your house in these outlets and wreak havoc in every room. With electrical outlet covers, you will permanently block this convenient access route.

Spiffy Up the Place

Bed bugs want you to have a messy home. With clutter, they have more places to hide and breed. By removing the mess, you’ll have clear open spaces, which are a big turnoff for bed bugs and practically any other pest.

Call in a Pro

If you only suspect you have bed bugs but can’t be sure, call in a professional that offers bed bug removal in Phoenix, AZ. Sometimes, real experience is the only way to tell.

For prompt and professional bed bug removal in Phoenix AZ, contact Mike’s Swat Team today.

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