Pest Control and Brown Recluse Spiders Leominster, MA

by | Jan 15, 2020 | Pest Control

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Most homeowners do not want to have spiders, much less any other kind of pest in their homes. While you need to know how to recognize them, you also need to know how to choose a reliable pest control service to clean them out of your home. The following will discuss the traits of a brown recluse, their hiding spots, and how to choose a pest control service.

Recognizing the Brown Recluse

The body of this spider has a violin shape, six eyes that are arranged in pairs, no stripes, no bands, light-colored legs, creamy brown coloring on the body/abdomen, and they are never larger than a half inch in body length. Be aware that the dark violin-like marking on the body of the brown recluse is not a good way to determine if it is one since other spiders also have that same marking. Brown recluse spider in Leominster, MA can be a problem since this state is one that has a large population of this harmful spider,

Where You Might Find Them

Brown recluse spiders are not social spiders. They like to hide and be left alone. Most bites happen accidentally when they think they are being attacked. They can be found in out of the way spaces like sheds, barns, closets, basements, wood piles, toilets, cardboard boxes, shoes and behind pictures. Their webs are off-white to gray and they are sticky and loose looking.

Choosing Brown Recluse Clean-out Services

Professional services for pest control that offers spider control and brown recluse clean-out services are what to look for when choosing a service provider. Make sure the company has the proper licensing, insurance, and credentials before hiring them. Checking online reviews and testimonials and/or asking friends and neighbors for a recommendation is also a good way to find reliable services.

The brown recluse spider has a serious bite that will need to be treated immediately. Bites most often occur when an individual is putting on their clothes left on the floor for a few days and the spider gets pressed against the skin. It can cause necrosis (cell death), serious illness, and can result in death.

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