Consumers in Ankeny IA Have Many Choices and Options When Installing a Chain Link Fence

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Home & Garden

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Residential and commercial customers seeking to install a steel chain link fence have a growing list of options and price points available to them, insuring they will find the right fence, with the right specifications at the right price. Consumers need to think about why then need a chain link fence. Is it to define a property boarder, keep pets or children safe, control foot or vehicle traffic, safeguard equipment or secure a construction area? If a fence is simply to enclose a lawn, with no children or animals climbing on it, then a lightweight fence will do the job and for less money than a heavy duty industrial galvanized fence that is designed to be part of a security system and limit access and stand up to rough treatment.

Once you have defined the type of activity the fence will have to endure, you can begin narrowing your choices as to materials, link design, size, coatings and even the color of the chain link fence. If your fence is going to be subject to wear and tear by people and animals, then a sturdy, thicker gauge fence is recommended because it will resist sagging and bending. Click here for more details about Chain Link Fences in Ankeny IA.

Even if you opt for a more robust chain link fence, that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice good looks. Chain Link Fence Ankeny IA customers might be surprised to find that many options exist including vinyl coated fences that stand up to the elements and come in a variety of color choices. The most common colors are forest green, great for enclosing grassy areas, and black that tends to draw less attention than the shiny silver chain link fence from years past.

Industrial customers are not usually worried about color but they are worried about function. Most chain link fences are galvanized, meaning that they have been dipped in a zinc mixture. that protects the fence from the elements. Chain Link Fence Ankeny IA customers should consider contacting Des Moines Steel Fence to explore all of their fencing options. They are a local, family owned business that serves residential and commercial customers in central Iowa. Wood, PVC, chain link, decorative and ornamental fencing products are available and reliable, professional installation has earned Des Moines Steel Fence a reputation for superior service, quality and value.

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