Tips and Tricks for Cement in Livonia MI

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Home Improvement

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If you are trying to save money, or if you are perhaps dabbling in a new hobby, cement work can be a do-it-yourself type of project that many homeowners can try. There are some basics that need to be covered first, and don’t forget that some projects need a contractor such as Olson Cement Work & Construction Livonia MI. This article will answer some questions that beginners may have.

What is the best type of cement to buy?

Contractors use different types of Cement Livonia MI depending on the job. You can choose from a ready mixed type of concrete or prepare it yourself. Ready mixed is the easiest, and it involves just mixing the cement sand with some water, pouring and allowing it to sit for at least twenty-four hours. Ready mix is meant for smaller jobs because it is generally more expensive and the costs can add up fast.
The cheaper route to go is to prepare the cement yourself using dry materials such as gravel. The downside to preparing cement yourself is that it is more time consuming, and not everyone has dried material readily available.

How difficult is it to mix cement?

Mixing cement is not hard. Gravel, sand, and water make up the ingredients of cement, and it is all mixed together thoroughly. In reality, making a cake can be more difficult than mixing cement. Homeowners need to pay special attention to what type of job they need the cement for, though. For example, different amounts of water are used in cement walls than in sidewalks and patios.

What are some basics for pouring the cement?

Before pouring the cement, make sure the mold is exactly the way you want it. Once the cement is poured, there is little that can be done if a mistake is made. Pour the cement into the mold and take care that the edges are slightly compacted. The hardened concrete can then be reinforced by a steel mesh that looks much like regular fencing material.

Completing a Cement Livonia MI job can be easy for most do-it-yourself types, but care needs to be taken since mistakes are not easy to cover up. Remember that if you are lacking the skill or need assistance in anyway, do not hesitate to call a professional construction crew or visit their website at for more information.

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