Creating Country Kitchens in your Australian Home

by | Oct 29, 2014 | Furniture

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Country kitchens can be designed using a number of different influences. You can focus on a region of the world or stick to the basics reflected in materials common to the rural kitchen look. Here are a few ideas to help you create perfect country kitchens:

  * Wood: The wood used in typical country kitchens tends to lean towards more grain and knots. Cabinets therefore should have a rougher hewn look if you are going for a natural finish. However wood in many country kitchens can also be finished with a white wash or paints. If this is the look you prefer you can take your cues from different regions around the world. Milk paint blue is common in the UK and U.S. and white washed “pickling” is also seen in many areas of Europe and America. Wood is also used on floors with wider floor boards to create that rustic look and feel. Walls can be panelled with wood such as bead board and you can even create a butcher block counter using wood. Open wood shelves are also common in country kitchens ideal for displaying antique crockery and kitchen pots and pans in copper or cast iron.

* Tile: The tile used in a classic country kitchen can vary greatly depending on the look you want. For example, Italian and French country kitchens tend to have a very pretty, painted ceramic or porcelain tile with a lot of decorative detail. This is also common in Greek kitchens with a distinctly Greek blue and white design. You can also take inspiration from warmer climates such as Mexico and Spain where large terra cotta tiles are common on floors and smaller terra cotta is used on counters and back splashes. There are also classic tiles in solid colours from greens to white and cream in muted tones and square patterns.

* Fixtures: Fixtures such as door pulls and handles can be used in rustic and patina finishes in copper, brass and black cast iron. Plain, simplistic designs are common as are cup styles pulls on drawers. Lighting can also reflect these rustic finishes as can the faucets. You can also consider white porcelain knobs or wood in the same finish as your kitchen cupboards and cabinets.

Creating country kitchens is quite easy when you look to natural and rustic finishes in hand with chunkier stylings in tile and flooring. Details can then be added with country charm in your light fixtures, cabinet pulls and additions such as crockery collections or interesting tile designs for back splashes. If you are interested in country kitchens Konstructis has the expert design team to create your dream kitchen.


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