Does The World Really Need Fast Hand Dryers?

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Surely there is nothing complicated about drying one’s hands? The habit has been ingrained into us since around the time that our parents completed our toilet training.

We Wash Our Hands All The Time

Although there can be ritualistic connotations attached to washing one’s hands (as well as the figurative analogy), the main purpose is practicality and hygiene. We get our hands dirty almost all the time, sometimes this is obvious – when gardening for example – other times it is a more hidden type of dirtiness. The air around us and even our bodies themselves are literally full of unseen micro organisms. Some of these organisms are beneficial to our health and well being but there are also the “bad” ones that can spread illness and disease. We run a risk of picking up bad viruses, bacteria or germs at all times but a prime risk area is when we enter and use any sort of public bathroom. Common sense dictates that, after we have used a bathroom’s facilities, we wash our hands. We even do this in our own homes where we have good knowledge of who has used the bathroom ahead of us.

Then, We Have To Dry Them

Probably, many of us have, at some time, finished washing our hands only to find nothing to dry them on or drying facilities that look, to say the least, extremely unhygienic. Maybe we then exit that bathroom with wet hands or, we try to dry them off on our clothes or a handkerchief; in either case, we leave in an unhappy frame of mind. If this should happen to us in a popular place like a shopping mall, movie theatre or restaurant, etc; then, there is a good chance that we may decide to boycott that establishment in future. The management of the premises could have lost good custom simply by skimping on their bathroom facilities.

Bathroom Expectations

In our homes, we are in complete control of the facilities but, away from home we expect separate facilities for male and female use; a realistic number of toilet stalls and/or urinals plus sinks to wash our hands in and a decent, hygienic way to dry our hands. Many people feel that Fast Hand Dryers where warm air blows away the moisture are the most satisfactory way to dry our hands without risk of picking up unwanted micro organisms in the process. In my opinion, the world is a better place now that we have Fast Hand Dryers.

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