Escape to Your Spa Anytime: Tips for Regular Maintenance and Spa Repair In Norfolk

by | Jul 2, 2014 | Home and Garden

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Have you ever wanted to use your home spa but found green, murky water instead? Or the pump suddenly stops working because it’s all gummed up? Avoid this by committing to a regular maintenance plan. Here are some tips to keep that spa super clean and functional:

Clean the Filter Regularly

If your filter system is dirty, your water will be dirty. Refer to your manual for specifics, but cleaning monthly is a good rule. Post a calendar to ensure sticking to a regular schedule. Dismantle and rinse your filter with a good pressure hose. Then soak in a sanitizing solution for 1-4 hours. Replace the filter regularly also, usually every 6 months.

Surface Clean the Tub Daily

Whenever you enter the tub, so does everything from your day: perspiration, makeup, dust, dirt and other elements. Use a net to remove floating particles and residue from your tub. Wipe off any other residue from around the edges.

Clean Your Spa Cover

Your cover can harbor germs, mold and lots of contaminants. Clean the underside well and seal with a mold inhibitor for added protection. This should be done weekly.

Terminate Germs, Bacteria, Algae and Mold

First, pre-dissolve the chlorine (100 ppm) with water, add to tub. Then circulate with the cover on for 30 minutes with jets on. Turn on air injectors and blowers intermittently. Next, run a spa system flush product through another 30 minute cycle. Alternate turning on and off air injectors/blowers again. Finally, drain and clean your tub. Mix a ¼ teaspoon to 5 gallon ratio solution of chlorine and water in a plastic bucket. Begin scrubbing using rubber gloves and a non-abrasive brush. Take care to protect skin and eyes. Avoid breathing in the chemicals.

Circulate Sparkling Clean Water

Attach a special filter to the hose to purify your water and refill the tub. Re-install the sanitized filter. Check for Total Alkalinity then ph balance using test strips. Adjust as needed. “Shock” the tub with additional pre-dissolved chlorine (10 ppm). Allow a longer circulation with the spa cover on for 8-12 hours. This step ensures full decontamination of the pipes. Re-check with test strips.

Follow these tips and enjoy your squeaky clean oasis anytime. A little discipline will keep your spa in good working order for years of relaxation and fun. For added insurance, invest in a yearly spa checkup or Spa Repair In Norfolk. Visit their website:





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