Retractable Awning vs. Screened-in Porch

by | Jun 23, 2014 | Home Improvement

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One thing that most homeowners agree on is that there is real joy and satisfaction in going out on your back porch or deck and enjoying a nice summer day or evening. Unfortunately, sun rain and other problems can sometimes put a damper on that enjoyment, so homeowners have found a few ways to get around the elements and stabilize their backyard environment. Two of the most popular devices to help provide a shady oasis in the backyard are retractable awnings and screened-in porches. While homeowners often agree that these structures are helpful, they do not always agree on which one is more beneficial.


Both a screened-in porch and an awning will pride you some protection from the sun and the rain while allowing you to enjoy the cool breezes and general feel of nature. The porch gives you the added benefit of keeping mosquitoes and other critters out, which is especially valuable in the twilight hours. The porch, however, also acts as another type of barrier to nature, giving you more of the feel of being in a room with the windows open rather than actually being outside. If your awning is retractable, it also gives you the ability to pull it back at night to gaze up at the stars, or pull it back when the porch or deck is not in use to allow plants in the area to get full sunlight.


Appearance is largely a matter of personal preference. For most, however, a retractable awning is less obtrusive than a screened-in porch, which often looks like just an extra room tacked onto the back of a house, destroying its natural symmetry. An awning tends to look more natural.


Cost is the area where Retractable Awnings really tend to blow away the competition. To add a screened-in porch, you will usually need to get permits, hire contractors, reinforce existing supports and add new ones. The roof must be extended and a door must be built in. The total cost can be tens of thousands of dollars and days or even weeks of work. A retractable awning, by comparison, can be added on quickly and easily for a fraction of the cost. In some cases the cost of an awning can be as low as ten percent of the cost of a screened-in porch.

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