Five Kitchen Conveniences You Can’t Live Without

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Uncategorized

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Cooking is a labor of love, but it is always better when it is less labor and more love. Here are five kitchen conveniences that will keep you closer to family by spending less time prepping the foods they love.

  1. Kitchen Slicer: A kitchen slicer makes prepping easier. From French fries to healthy salads such as cole slaw side dishes all that chopping can be cut in half. Baking becomes easier as well when shredding fruit and veggies for family favorites such as carrot cake, you will find having a kitchen slicer will make prepping many dishes a snap.
  2. Garlic Press: If you are using granulated garlic or garlic powder for convenience you are missing out on the beautiful flavor of fresh garlic. A garlic press will make using fresh garlic easier. Just cut off the ends, smash with a knife to remove the skin and place in the press to squeeze it directly into the pan.
  3. Emersion Blender: An emersion blender allows you to create velvety smooth sauces and soups without the need of messy dishes and blenders. It can be used directly in the pan where the food was cooked for a no fuss, no muss food prep tool. It can also be used to mash potatoes and make delicious fruit and vegetable purees for healthy sauces.
  4. Non-stick Cookware: Non-stick cookware is available in almost any configuration imaginable from cookie sheets to frying pans. It makes cooking so much easier so you don’t have to worry about cakes stuck to cake pans or fried eggs burning. Pancakes are also a breeze to flip and non-stick crepe pans make it easy to achieve perfection. Non-stick cookware also makes washing dishes a breeze as you won’t have burned on and caked on food with which to contend. This is perfect for foods such as scalloped potatoes and lasagne.
  5. Electric Hand Mixer: If you can’t afford a stand mixer buy yourself an affordable hand mixer. It doesn’t necessarily spare your arm from working up foods to frenzy such as creams and egg whites, but it does make it quicker and keeps your batters smooth for baking as well.

These five items will help speed up prep work and cleaning up after the meal.

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