Types of Copper that is Accepted in Copper Recycling in Atlantic County

by | Dec 13, 2013 | Waste Management

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Metal is a precious commodity that is used in many industries. So, when you have metal scraps, it pays to recycle them. This is especially true for copper scraps. There are three different types of copper that can be recycled. These types are copper #1, copper #2 and light copper. While they can all be recycled by American scrap metal in Atlantic County, these differences do mean a difference in the price you can get from Copper recycling.

Light copper is like the sheets of copper you would find at a hardware store. It is light and flexible. Because there isn’t a whole lot of copper packed into these sheets, they don’t weigh a whole lot. Since Copper recycling in Atlantic County often goes by weight, these copper sheets aren’t going to be as profitable as other types of copper. But they can still be recycled.

Copper #1 is the copper you would find in plumbing pipes or air conditioning coils. As long as it is very clean, this Copper recycling in Atlantic County will net the highest amount in scrap metal. The points where the copper is sealed by other metal is not considered clean because it contains other material. But the long stretches of unbroken piping is considered clean. It is not necessary to cut the pipe before you scrap it.

Copper #2 is basically everything else that contains copper but is bigger than the sheets found in light copper. Things such as copper wiring and places where the joints are soldered together is considered in this category for Copper recycling in Atlantic County. It won’t net as much as Copper #1. But it will definitely be more than what is gathered from Light copper.

While copper is broken down into three different categories for the purpose of determining its scrap value, it all has some value. This copper can be recycled into new parts that can be used again. This saves the energy required to mine it which translates to a savings in the environment. While you get a boost from recycling it, the environment also benefits from this transaction.


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