How Laminate and Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg Differ?

by | Mar 6, 2012 | Home Improvement Tips

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Most people dream of a perfect house to live in. On the other hand, there are various factors that need to be considered in order to come up with the ideal house you have set. These things include the budget, the materials to be used, the type and size of the house, the facilities you want to be present, the type, color and designs of roofing, wall and flooring and the accessibility and means of transportation in the area.

The new trends for most of homeowners right now especially in Maryland are the stylish designs of flooring. Customers have several options in the market when we talk about flooring. Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg is extremely well-liked choice among the type of tiles in the market. On the other hand, laminate types are being introduced and becoming trendy to most people especially to those who are passionate with the benefits of synthetic materials.

If you are not familiar with the two, you are more likely ask yourself, “what are the differences between the two?” Actually, Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg is an exceptional option for any part of the home except for restrooms because of high dampness. It has two basic types: the solid wood planks – a single portion of lumber in uniform size without any core content or underlying layer; and the engineered Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg – with thin slice of real hardwood veneer on the surface area and has high quality representation of timber though the evident textured coat is not a true wood; it is also called as laminate flooring.

If you are one of the customers, you are definitely keen as well as with the advantages that you can get from the products being presented to you. For laminate flooring, most people purchase this product because of easy installation without using adhesives. On the other side, Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg is more durable than laminate types. This can be polished and get the same results. Moreover, this type of flooring lasts for more than 50 years.

Cleaning the Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg is a trouble-free task to undertake. You can utilize the products that are safe for urethane finishes while mopping. Avoid using ammonia- or oil-based cleaners. Always damp a cloth as soon as you see blot spills or spots. In case of tough spots like lipsticks, markers or paint, you can use a white cloth with mineral spirits. Furthermore, it is recommended to ventilate and let the sunrays enter your house. In this manner, the wood undergoes the process of patina where the condition of the wood is getting better. It is also advisable to always clean its surface using rugs or other cloth.

The actual price of Hardwood Floors Gaithersburg varies depending on the tree species and the application; usually its rate starts at $5.50/sq ft. The time of installation also varies depending on the type and size of the flooring you used. In the case of prefinished flooring, you can easily put it back on the same day.


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