What’s New in Kitchen Design?

by | Mar 5, 2012 | Remodeling

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If the massive appeal of cooking shows has taught us anything, it’s that you don’t have to be a gourmet chef or even a “foodie” to fantasize about preparing fabulous-looking, delicious meals in a giant, sparkly room with world-classes appliances and abundant natural light. Most homeowners have imagined what their dream kitchen would look like. Undergoing a kitchenremodel is all the rage in Austin, and here are a few of the biggest trends around.

Granite countertops have been a popular fixture in kitchenremodel projects in Austin and just about every major city, but that’s a fad that seems to be on its way out. Instead, concrete is beginning to make its presence felt as a popular choice for higher-end counter designs, partly due to the fact that it can dyed to any color. Another recent trend is the customized counter, which contains an embedded work surface like a wooden butcher block or marble cutting slab. There’s also a movement toward using recycled materials like laminate, which require less maintenance and are far less expensive than stone or stainless steel.

A couple of different appliance trends are also making the rounds of kitchenremodels in Austin. Concealed appliances like steam ovens and warming drawers are increasingly popular, and even if they don’t make for the most efficient kitchen, they’re definitely a conversation starter. For those who maintain a truly modern lifestyle, a built-in “coffee center” acts like a tiny coffee vending machine without the need for spare change. Also, uniform appliance colors like stainless steel and black remain perennial favorites.

Lighting is growing in popularity for contemporary kitchenremodels in Austin. The sheer variety of lighting options mean you can spotlight appliances, work surfaces and other areas, or conceal them, according to your preference. Subtler, built-in lighting such as wall sconces can create an inviting mood or atmosphere that lends itself to long dinner preparations over a glass of wine. Whether it’s functional or decorative, illumination is playing a big role in culinary renovation.

Finally, for the big dreamer planning a remodel, there’s the extravagant live-in kitchen. These multipurpose spaces combine the functionality of a dining area with the comfort and amenities of a family room. Many are designed with ample seating, bookshelves, internet hookups, desks, and televisions, making them the perfect space for the multitasking Austin cook.

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