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by | Feb 27, 2012 | Home Improvement Tips

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Roll Off dumpsters in Minneapolis are needed when you need a big place to put the waste especially if you are planning for a home renovation or demolishing for renovation. Once the dumpster gets filled, you can haul the dumpster yourself or hire a hauling company. Renting a dumpster is a good option as you can use it for your short term project and then return it once the project is complete.

Roll-Off Dumpsters in Minneapolis – Information and Permissions

Roll-off dumpsters in Minneapolis are also called roll-offs or containers. These are large metal boxes that are measured in cubic yards and that’s the reason they could be also called yarders. Roll-off dumpsters are the largest-capacity bins available.

If you are planning to keep the dumpster in the street, check with the building permit office about required permits. Every municipality has different requirements for parking permits for dumpsters whether they are placed on a private property or on the streets. You should talk to the local municipality for the regulations and necessary permits.

Specific items can’t be just dumped into the dumpsters but need to be disposed as per the EPA guidelines. Check with the trash hauling company for such items including:

* Bio-hazardous materials or medical waste
* Paint, Solvents and chemicals
* Batteries
* Propane tanks and Equipment containing gas or oil

Clear Space in Front of the Container

Identify the location for your roll-off dumpster in Minneapolis. There should be enough space for the truck to maneuver and deliver the dumpster. These roll-off dumpsters are quite heavy even when they are empty so they should be placed on a solid surface otherwise they can damage the softer lawn area underneath. A paved or concrete surface is ideal. You could also place plywood under it to prevent scratch marks.

Clear the above are as well of any hanging limbs, trees or other obstructions. Make arrangements for someone to be on-site as the dumpster gets delivered, if not, mark the area and layout the plywood for easy delivery.

Rent The Right Size of Roll-Off Dumpster In Minneapolis

People generally tend to underestimate the size of the roll-off dumpster in Minneapolis needed for their project. Keep in mind that waste products use up lots of volume or will be denser and heavier.

10 Cubic Yard could measure 8ft.L x 12ftW x 36inH or 7ft.L x 16ftW x 36in.H. These are ideal for smaller projects like renovating a small bathroom.

20 Cubic Yard Container could measure 8ft.L x 20ft W x 45in H and is a good starter you’re your projects. This can easily accommodate the waste from a small bathroom renovation without any crushing.

30 Cubic Yard Container measures 8ft.L x 20ftW x 68in.H and 8ft.L x 22ftW x 61in.H and is an optimal solution for most projects. It can easily accommodate carpeting, drywall, and wood

40 Cubic Yard Container is a huge container that measures 8ft.L x 22ftW x 84in.H It is ideal for large project


Talk to a dumpster rental company and find the roll-off dumpster Minneapolis that will do your job. For more information, go to website

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