How to Prepare and Maintain the Lawn in Vienna, VA

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Gardening

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A great looking garden consists of more than just flowers, bushes and decorative items. You are also supposed to count on the general scenario for all these factors – the lawn. When picking the right grass for your backyard, you must take in consideration a few aspects, such as the general ideas for your scenario and the climate. Other than that, the soil is just as important. Before making an investment, you must take a brief analysis of the soil. With all these elements in mind, enhancing your garden becomes piece of cake. There are more types of lawn, such as species for hot and dry areas, but also for shady and rainy places. The shape and size can also influence your decision.

Before planting the seeds, it is highly recommended to hire a lawn care service in Vienna, VA. Unless you actually study this domain or you have some experience, some professional help is mandatory. Planting is not all about spreading the seeds around the area and watering them. The preparation is more important. Take away all the weeds, then level and aerate the soil. Sometimes, you might have to add some dressings to balance the levels of nutritive substances. As soon as all these procedures are over, the place should be given a couple of weeks. It must be constantly watered meanwhile. Now that it is ready, planting the seeds is supposed to be done uniformly. The levels of humidity must be constantly monitored until the grass reaches to a proper height.

The whole process seems easy, but there are aspects you have no idea about if you don’t have any experience, hence it is necessary to hire someone for lawn care in Vienna, VA. For instance, too much water will bring forward the weeds apparition. The water should be enough to reach to the grass roots. On the other hand, if the lawn is not watered enough, the roots tend to get to the surface for water, leading to sensitivity for drought. Watering is normally done in the morning to prevent the thermal shocks and the mold growth. The first grass will show up after a week, but you can benefit from a real and resistant lawn after about half a year.

Growing a lawn is not everything, as you must take care of it and maintain it according to the instructions. Therefore, you need to irrigate, cut and fertilize it. The fertilization is done once a month and employs complex dressing treatments or ammonium nitrate. However, the most common problem is the cutting. For such operations, you need a series of devices and machines. It is highly recommended to get a professional service for lawn care in Vienna, VA if you are not familiar with such equipments. Some of them may seriously injure you if you don’t pay attention. Besides, there are a series of tips and tricks to rely on during this process. For instance, cutting must be done when the grass is wet. It is a secret only a professional knows.

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