Organize your Loft Space with Room Dividers

by | Sep 7, 2012 | Home Decor Products

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The most positive thing about having a wide open loft space is that you have a lot of open room without corners and other obstacles to deal with. If you use moveable room dividers, you can take that space and create almost any kind of living configuration that you would like. Depending upon how much loft space you have, you can use room dividers to make private areas that are both aesthetically appealing, as well as supremely functional.

How you use room dividers to partition loft space is up to you and to your imagination. You may want to cordon off a section to make a small office or a private area to relax and collect your thoughts or read, or you might want to create two small bedrooms on each end with a shared area in between. The possibilities are multitudinous.

When choosing room dividers for your loft space, you will have an array of choices to make. There are numerous types of room dividers that range from the highly decorative to the strictly functional. They are also made of a variety of different materials and textures. You will, of course, want to choose room dividers that reflect your personal taste, as well as those that coordinate with the overall décor of your home.

Artistic room dividers usually appeal to people who have a bit more of a wild side to them or who prefer an eclectic style, but may be suitable for a fun play area or to differentiate children’s bedrooms, or alternately, in a college living space. Artwork, stretched photography, classic and modern paintings, as well as poster material can all be incorporated into these kinds of dividers.  A more contemporary look, however, may feature various shapes, embedded glass and wire-work, metal and mirrors that may appeal to a higher aesthetic.

Heavy and chunky dividers for a rustic look may work, depending on the loft space. The trick is to try to still maintain the openness while shielding off areas for privacy, which is a type of balancing act. For many people, rather than heavy wood dividers that seem a bit oppressive in a loft space, Japanese rice paper dividers are perfect because they allow in enough light to maintain an open feel while allowing for a great deal of personal privacy. These dividers are called Shoji screens and though they have their origins in Japan, they have found widespread popularity throughout the entire world. Organizing your loft with room dividers is a challenging, creative project with endless possibilities.

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