Types of Storm Damage Repair

by | Sep 13, 2012 | Cleaning

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Storm damage repair in Avon, IN, will be determined by the type of storm. When the storm is a hurricane or tornado, wind damage will top the list. When the storm is mainly water driven, flood damage will come near the top. But the bottom line is with most storms, there are multiple types of damage from wind, rain, flooding and fallen trees and branches.

Wind Damage

Wind damage has broad effects to a home or general structure. The wind will either remove shingles or entire roofs, and it can strip the house of its siding. If the roof of a structure is gone, the secondary damage is water to the interior. Wind damage can also break out windows and damage or destroy exterior appliances.

Storm damage repair in Avon, IN, for wind damage includes tarping and boarding up the exterior of the house to prevent further damage to the interior of the house. It will be necessary to start drying out the contents. For this, the homeowner will need electric generators because the electricity supply will be more than shut off in the community.

Water Damage

Water damage can vary in intensity. The home or structure could have water damage from rain after the shingles or the roof is blown off. Or the water damage may be from flooding but not direct rain. Neither is minor and both need immediate attention.

Whenever water is involved, it is important to use moisture measurement devices to ensure all the wet sheetrock is eliminated to avoid future mold issues in the home or structure. Storm damage repair in Avon, IN, includes replacing single shingles or replacing an entire roof from the trusses up.

Structural Damage from Fallen Trees and Branches

There may not be any rain, and the wind may have bypassed your roof, but that tornado-strength gust out of the blue uprooted the big oak tree, landing it squarely through the roof of your three-bedroom home. Now you have structure damage, more than likely rain will be involved by this time, so throw in water damage, and you have broken windows and interior damage to carpet, furniture, wall hangings and appliances.

Storm damage repair in Avon, IN, starts from the bottom up to salvaging what may be left of the structure and protecting it from future damage. Then the refurbishment and replacement process starts to bring the structure back to normalcy.



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