How to Repair Air Conditioning Issues in Lake Oswego?

by | Feb 27, 2013 | Ac Repair

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We have to use the air conditioners a lot in summers; hence due to an excessive use they get many issues. If you know something about air conditioning, you can easily resolve many problems at home. Though, several professionals are working for air conditioning in Lake Oswego, but they can be expensive, or sometime not available. Here are some guidelines to solve minor issues by yourself.

How to check a thermostat?

Sometimes the unit is not on, as it is providing hot air instead of cool, if it’s so then check the thermostat to see its setting, because too high setting can create this issue. So, by setting it at the desired level you can resolve this problem.

How to check fuses and tripping?

Sometimes due to electricity issues the tripping happens even if the thermostat is working. In that condition you should check the main panel, and see if there is any blown fuse or in new homes a tripping in the circuit breaker happens. If so, simply reset the circuit breaker or in case of fuse, repair it. In Lake Oswego modern wiring is done in most of the houses, hence you can fix this air conditioning issue just by checking the breaker.

Check the filters

This is very important and mostly people know that they need regular maintenance, as dirt gathers inside the filters, so you have to clean it. You can simply take the filters out, and wash it with plain water, it will remove the dust. However, sometimes prolonged dirt can damage the filters; hence they have to be removed. If filters are not working the air conditioner has to work hard to get the required cooling.

Check the ducts

This is again very important, as if there is any kind of hindrance in the ducts; it may lead to low cooling, as air flow becomes slow. See if the duct register is open, or sometimes it is half shut. Remove the obstruction, and also see if the ducts are laid on the floor being blocked by furniture, or other interior accessories, if so then remove them. The best way is that the unit should be installed on the wall, especially in the middle, so that it can equally provide cool air to the entire room.

Check the outdoor unit

Keep on checking the outdoor unit on regular basis, as any obstruction in the air flow might cause a problem. You should remove the plants or vines in front of an outdoor unit. You should also see if something is stuck in the fan, if so remove it.

See the blower belt

A blower fan should be checked to see if the tension is at the right level, as if it’s too tight or too loose it will affect the air flow. This should be checked after turning off the power, and never forget to check the fan blades for any kind of dirt. If the dirt is more than1/16-inch, you should call an expert to clean it.

Through all these methods, you can solve many air conditioning issues in Lake Oswego and other areas.


Many air conditioning issues are too serious and they need a professional, so don’t worry and contact Oregon Heating, which has many professionals for this purpose.

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