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Exterior painting needs a skilled hand and good quality paint, but this is very expensive, hence if you maintain the exterior it can last for years. Before painting an exterior you have to go through same process as required for the interior. Same is followed by the contractors in Scarsdale, NY. The best time is to start the work in the spring and when it’s not very sunny, as sun can damage the work. For a successful work, you have to solve the problems regarding painting. Some of such issues are described here:

Peeling of the paints

It’s a very common problem, and it happens when paint is done over a wet surface. If the walls are wet due to any kind of water leakage, this may also cause peeling. You can solve the issue by drying the walls with an exhaust fan, using a primer and; latex paint, because latex let the moisture penetrate the paint instead of causing peeling. Peeling also occurs due to dirt or glossy surface. You can remove peeling with a brush making the surface smooth with a sand paper, and then you can apply the primer to fill the voids and when it is dry, apply the paint.

Problem of alligatoring

In this issue, paint starts shrinking giving a look of an alligator hide. It starts showing the surface below, as the top coat gets damaged. This happens due to bad painting techniques like not giving enough time to the first coat to dry off, and apply the second coat. Sometimes, both the paints as base and upper one are not compatible to each other, hence shrinkage happens. You can solve the issue by scraping off the old paint, and then use the sand paper to make the surface smooth, and repaint it. Same method is used by contractors to repair the exterior painting in Scarsdale, NY and other areas.

Wrinkling of the surface

This happens in a newly painted surface due to sagging, and it happens due to using very thick paint. Sometimes, it happens when we paint in cold weather as the surface doesn’t get dried properly. You have to repaint the surface to solve this issue, and like other methods you have to make the surface sanded or have to remove the entire paint.

Chalking of paint

This is a condition when the surface becomes dusty, and this gets removed automatically when it rains, as some paints are developed with such quality. It can happen when we paint on a very porous surface, so in that case you should remove the powder and repaint the surface with a non-chalking paint.

All these methods are used to solve various issues of exterior painting in Scarsdale, NY.

Blistering of paint

This happens when the Paint rises from the surface making blisters. If it exposes the dry wood, it might be due to moisture, however if you see the paint behind, then it might be due to using an oil based paint in hot weather, as the heat makes a layer on the paint, making bubbles by trapping the solvent. Such surface also needs repainting.

You should maintain your exterior in terms of paint; however incase of any damage you can contact J & S Painting Plus, as the company is expert in repairing as well providing new paint.

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