Why Aerosol Duct Sealing Is The Best Choice

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Leaky ducts are the reason for a lot of wasted energy in the average home. You may find that your power bills keep going up and you cannot seem to figure out exactly why. You may have an issue with leaking duct work that needs to be sealed so that your power bill will stop rising. If you find that this is the culprit and you want to have your duct work sealed, you should probably go with a company that uses Aerosol duct sealing because it is the best choice.

Aerosol duct sealing is when air containing aerosolized adhesive particles is blown into the duct system. As the air circulates through your heating and air system the adhesive particles cling to the edges of the areas in which there are leaks and help to seal it off. These particles can seal holes in duct work as large as one inch across.

Traditional duct sealing measures are much more time consuming and require a lot more labor than using the Aerosol method of duct sealing. With the traditional method of duct sealing workers have to go into the attic and crawl under crawl spaces to find leaks manually. Then they must seal each leak one at a time and some of the duct work will not even be assessable to them so they may miss some leaks as a result.

Aerosol duct sealing is more efficient and because it requires less time for everyone involved. Workers do not need to search for each individual leak as all they will have to do is blow the sealant through the duct system and then test to see if the leaks have all been successfully sealed. If during this testing the professional finds more leaks, he or she can go ahead and spray the sealant through the air system again until all leaks are successfully stopped. This is a simple and very effective way of getting rid of air duct leaks once and for all.

Since the aerosol method is able to get into the heating and cooling system so well, it in turn causes these systems to run more efficiently than if the leaks had been sealed the old fashioned way.

If you are contemplating having your air duct system sealed due to leaking problems you have been having, you should probably consider having the aerosol method performed on your duct work. There may be a larger charge for the work, but in the long run you will save so much on your energy bill due to the efficiency of your system that it will pay for itself in no time.


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