Is a Career in House Painting Right for You?

by | Nov 22, 2017 | Services

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Working for a professional painting company is a great way to make a living and can be very rewarding. That said, professional painting is not for everyone. Though painting may seem “easy” to some, most professional house painters will tell you that their job is anything but. Professional painting requires skill, patience, an eye for detail and yes, professional demeanor. Painters work inside people’s homes all day long, and so need the customer service skills of any trained customer service professional. If you are hoping to make a career in painting! give thought to the following questions:

Are You Flexible?

Any painting crew will tell you that even a simple paint job rarely involves just painting. As a professional painter, you will have to be prepared to perform drywall repairs, to take down wallpaper, to tape off hundreds of feet of trim and to do any number of other miscellaneous jobs. There may be entire days when you don’t pick up a paintbrush, as the prep work that goes into ensuring the job is done right is often significant. If you are flexible and able to do more than yield a paint brush, a career in painting may be right for you.

Are You a Self-Starter?

Professional house painters need to be self-starters, as the head honcho rarely ever works at the same job site as their employees. While the boss is out doing bids or QC-ing other projects, the painters will be working on their own. This means they need to know what needs to be done to set up shop (including what materials and paints are needed at each site), have a detailed understanding of customer specifications and expectations and be able to perform the job up to company standards. If you feel comfortable working on your own and are confident in your ability to complete a quality job without someone overseeing your work, a career in painting may be right for you.

Are You Willing to Do What It Takes to Ensure the Customer is Satisfied?

In the painting industry, the phrase, “the customer is always right,” is the gold standard. For instance, say a customer foregoes primer despite a contractor’s warnings that the finished product won’t look right without it. You, the painter, complete the job per the customer’s requests but when the customer sees it, they say they don’t like it. They ask you to redo it, this time with primer. Though you may be frustrated, it is your job to ensure that the customer is satisfied, which may mean repainting an entire room because the customer wanted to save a few bucks on primer the first time around. If you can check your frustration and do what is necessary to ensure customer satisfaction, you may be right for the job.

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