Patio Furniture Pillows in Phoenix AZ That Are Easy To Dry

by | Feb 18, 2015 | Furniture

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Notably, patio pillows are not made in a way that they can dry quickly. If you have a deep porch or wicker bench, it will see less rain. But in the case that you have a bench in the open where it can get direct sunlight as well as direct rainwater you need a seat that dries fast enough.

You can get Patio Furniture Cushions Phoenix AZ in both synthetic and natural fabrics. Most companies making them treat these pillows with a water resistant product. This means that when it comes into contact with the water, the water will roll off the fabric especially if it is kept at a slight angle.

However, regardless of the water resistant product, there are those fabrics that are prone to mildew. On dewy nights and mornings, mildew can form on the cushions. What this means is that if your area is humid, when buying the patio cushions, you should go for the synthetic ones. This is because the natural fabric is not that resistant to mildew. Synthetic fabrics are also resistant to fading. You may find synthetic fabrics that are formed with the color in the strands before spinning out. This is done when they are still in liquid form. You can get a guarantee of three to five years that the cushions will not fade. Click here for more details.

The filling in the cushion is also crucial in determining how fast the cushion dries. There are those flings that will take less time to dry than others. If you go for foam filled cushion, you can be sure that that will take time. Also, remember that compressed polyester fillings dry faster than those of loose fill. Before you purchase the pillows, you should open the zipper to the kind of filling and to also check whether it is compressed or lose filing.

If you want to keep the patio pillows in good shape for a long time, you should use a garden hose to clean them. After this, you should let them dry completely. This should be done at least twice a year.

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