The Available Options for Your Garage Siding Remodeling in Edmond OK

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Your garage is a long-term investment, and you should exercise care when replacing your existing siding material. There are different garage siding options with varying costs, longevity and maintenance requirements, the top 3 being vinyl, brick and metal. However, some homeowners will also go for wood siding shingles, which are often made from cedar. This natural material is relatively soft and impervious to water. It is however extremely prone to cracking and splitting.

There are also newer products that you may want to consider, such as fiber cement clapboard siding. This product can either have a rough-sawn wood grain or a smooth appearance. This type of siding is designed to endure more bumps and dings that will ordinarily crack the vinyl or dent the aluminum. If you are looking for a siding material that will withstand most of the ravages of weather, fungus, rot, termites and carpenter ants, this is the best option for you. However, this material is not easy to handle, and it requires specialty tools when cutting the planks. You should, therefore, hire a professional in Garage Siding Remodeling in Edmond OK to perform the task appropriately. You should also ensure to paint the siding periodically.

Among the most popular choices is the vinyl siding. This is especially preferred since it requires minimal maintenance, it is inexpensive and installs easily over the existing sheathing. Besides, it comes in a variety of colors and only requires to be washed once in a year for maintenance. You can also replace any damaged panels with relative ease, using just a couple of tools. However, it tends to crack in the winter especially if it’s hit. Darker shades of color will also tend to fade in the summer sun.

If you are looking for a more traditional and classic appearance, you will want to go for the brick garage siding. This is often extremely durable, has low maintenance requirements and comes in numerous designs and colors. On the other hand, if you are looking to update the style of your home, you may go for the metal siding option. This can either be prices or affordable depending on the kind of metal you select and the extensiveness of your garage.

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