Price Ranges of Products Provided by a Roofer in Lisle, IL

by | Oct 23, 2013 | Home Improvement

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A Roofer in Lisle, IL does more than fix holes in your roof. They offer many services and products. The products generally come in different price ranges. Whether you have a tight budget or an open-end budget, you can find the products you need at the price you want.

Roofing Shingles

A Roofer in Lisle, IL will sell shingles to protect your roof, and they will install them, if you desire. When it comes to shingles, the cheaper and most common variety is asphalt shingles. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes, and come with warranties from 25 years to lifetime. Cedar Shake roofing is much more stylish, but that style comes with a higher price, extra maintenance, and a short warranty.


The most common siding for your home is vinyl siding. It comes in many colors and styles. It is relatively maintenance free. The only problems with vinyl siding are that it looks “cheap” and it seems every home has it. Steel siding looks better for a slighter higher cost. Fiber cement siding was designed to mimic wood siding, but without the problems associated with wood. While it costs more than the other siding alternatives, it is cheaper than wood and lasts longer.


The cost of doors goes up the more decoration you want. A basic door with no windows is the cheapest option. Adding windows, which looks nicer, adds to the cost. You can even add stained or etched glass. For someone who wants a front door that stands out in the neighborhood, you can spend a considerable amount of money for a wood door with windows.


Windows do more than let you see outside, they add tons of style to your home. Your cost choices for windows vary widely. Vinyl windows are the cheapest and most common type of windows, but even they come in many grades that vary is price. They are maintenance-free and easy to replace. Wood windows are the top grade style of window, and the cost shows. They look beautiful, though.

When you are on a budget, you must decide if an item is worth the extra cost. Many times, a lower cost item will look beautiful. If you don’t have a budget, then you can go as extreme as you wish. Contact Exterior Designers to hire professional roofers providing the best roofing repair and installation services in Lisle, IL and the surrounding areas.

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