Why Furnaces in Tigard Need Annual Tune-Ups

by | Oct 24, 2013 | Air Conditioning

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You probably know that you should change your furnace’s filter every month or whenever it gets dirty. Keeping your furnace in excellent condition so it keeps your family warm all winter, though, requires more than a clean filter. It is also important to have an HVAC technician visit your home once a year to give your equipment a tune-up. Yearly maintenance can keep your unit running smoothly and prevent breakdowns in the coldest part of the winter.

Many homeowners get their annual furnace maintenance in the fall, before they need to turn the heat on in their home. If anything is wrong with the furnace, the technician can make repairs before the weather gets cold. HVAC technicians are typically less busy in the fall. It may be much harder to schedule maintenance during the winter while technicians are out on emergency calls.

Your technician will perform a number a steps to ensure your furnace is working properly and as efficiently as possible. Because the climate in Oregon is cooler than most of the U.S., Furnaces in Tigard get a lot of use. Some homeowners begin using their furnace as early as October and run it intermittently until April. If your furnace is not running efficiently, the energy you lose can add substantially to your monthly heating bill.

Some of the things a technician will do when they tune-up a furnace include checking to ensure all of your gas connections are operating properly, checking the heat exchanger for cracks and cleaning the burners. These steps ensure that your furnace is operating safely. A faulty gas connection or cracked heat exchanger could pose health risks for your family and cause your equipment to be less efficient.

When HVAC technicians perform annual maintenance on Furnaces in Tigard, they also tighten your furnace’s electrical connections, check to be sure the condensate drain is not clogged and lubricate the furnace’s moving parts. The technician will also turn the furnace on to ensure that it starts and stops correctly.

Furnaces in Tigard typically take about 90 minutes to tune-up. If the technician performs additional services or if your furnace is hard to reach, service may take longer.

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