Protect Your Family From Spiders Fairfax VA With the Right Exterminater

by | Nov 14, 2018 | Pest Control

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In most homes spiders are tiny little nuisances that live in the attic, basement or other dark and hidden spaces. In most cases these creatures are shy and elusive and tend to avoid humans unless they feel threatened. Surprisingly, most spiders aren’t even harmful to people, however, spiders can attract other predators such as small birds and bats which may take up residence in the upper areas of your home. In some cases these new invaders will attract even larger predators such as feral cats.

When Spiders Fairfax VA invade a home the female will select a spot to nest or spin their webs. In most species she can lay hundreds of eggs. Since many spiders aren’t social these young will spread out further into the home making more webs and breeding more young. For those few species that are social the communities they create can grow upwards of fifty thousand spiders. In most cases, we are concerned with the various species of poisonous spiders that are common in the United States. For the average person a common spider bit is usually little worse than a bee sting so the major concern for most people is a sudden allergic reaction.

Two of the most dangerous Spiders Fairfax VA are the brown recluse and black widow spiders. In most cases even these bites aren’t deadly, but they can be dangerous to young children, the elderly and many people under medical care. The recluse spiders range from brown to tan with a characteristic violin shaped mark, but this mark isn’t always reliable for identifying the species since other spiders have similar markings. The recluse is so named because it likes to live in dark spaces.

The black widow spider is one of several from a common family known for devouring the male of the species after breeding. Like many spider species there are other groups that tend to resemble them and are often mistaken as the actual spider. In the case of the black widow there are at least one hundred and twenty similar spiders, but none of them contain the characteristic overall black color and markings on the abdomen. This genus of spiders range all over the lower hemisphere and at present contains at least thirty different species. Browse the site for more details.

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