Reasons for Rodent Control in Jackson NJ

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Pest Control

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Waking up in the middle of the night to hear the scurrying of little mice feet in your walls is enough to give anyone the shivers. If you have heard that scampering in the middle of the night, never assume that you only have one little rodent running around your home. In the ideal conditions mice will be happy to live in your home for the rest of their lives, they will eat about anything, chew on everything, and breed rapidly in the right conditions. If you are hearing that scampering sound, then it’s time to call in Rodent control in Jackson NJ to take care of the problem for you, before you have an infestation that you can’t handle.

Mice are only cute in Christmas stories where they scamper around the tree and make the scene look all cozy and nice. In reality, mice will chew through your electrical wiring and could cause a deadly fire if you aren’t careful. They breed rapidly and will chew through clothes, books or anything else you own that is chewable.

Mice will eat everything from the food in your cereal boxes to the crumbs that you inadvertently leave on the counter when you are cleaning the kitchen at night. Make sure that you put up any food that is left out, and put up pet’s food as well. Mice will eat the food from the dishes, if there is no other food around.

One of the most dangerous things about having mice in your home, and why you need to call Rodent Control in Jackson NJ as soon as you suspect you have one, is the fact that they carry diseases. They can carry rabies and other diseases that could easily be transmitted to your family.

If you decide to catch a mouse on your own, instead of calling in a professional, you will need to make sure to wear sturdy gloves. If a mouse feels trapped it will bite; if you are bitten you will need to seek medical attention right away. Getting rid of the mice in your home is very important, and should be done as soon as you suspect that you have an infestation. Visit Business Name for more details.

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