Removing Pet Odors with Proper Carpet Cleaning

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Home and Garden

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Pet odors can be some of the most difficult odors to remove from carpet and carpet padding. Urine is a strong smell and can soak quickly into carpet fibers and carpet padding. If your pet has an accident on the floor when you’re not home, the spot may sit for hours before you notice it. If you don’t clean it quickly, or make the spots too wet during the cleaning process, the odor can quickly take over a room. Things like heat and small, enclosed spaces can make the odor stronger. With the right method of Charleston carpet cleaning, homeowners can conquer pet odors and have a fresh smelling home again.

Surface Carpet Cleaning

If you’ve been able to quickly clean urine spots, it probably didn’t have enough time to soak into the padding and floor surface underneath the carpet. The smell is most likely stuck in the carpet fibers. Once the bacteria get sucked out of the carpet fibers, you should notice an immediate improvement in the smell of a room and your home. With Citrus Fresh carpet cleaning, Charleston SC homeowners will notice that the process used to clean the surface area of the rug will leave the room smelling fresh and not leave the carpet soaked with water and chemicals.

Cleaning of Padding and Floor Surfaces

Some pet odors have soaked through the carpet fibers and affected the carpet padding and the flooring surface. These odors can be harder to fight because the odor is technically in more than one place within the carpet. With professional carpet cleaning Charleston SC area residents can competently fight pet odors that have soaked beyond the carpet fibers. There are cleaning methods where the cleaning agent can soak beneath the carpet into the padding. Once the cleaner soaks into the padding, it can be extracted and the carpet thoroughly cleaned.

If the odor is extreme, carpet cleaners can pull up your carpet and clean or remove the padding. Depending on the amount of time the stain has been on the padding, removal may be the best choice. Since pets tend to urinate in the same area repeatedly, you may not be able to remove the odor completely without treating the padding. If your pet has had a handful of accidents in the house, don’t worry. Professional carpet cleaners can competently remove the odor and get your home smelling fresh again.

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