The Benefits of Purchasing Brand New Furniture and Bedroom Mirrors in Mill Creek, WA

by | Nov 11, 2013 | Furniture

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You can tell a lot about a person based on the type of furniture they have in their home. By walking into someone’s living room, you can usually determine whether they’re modern, contemporary, old fashioned, cozy, formal or family oriented. People purchase certain furniture pieces because, on some level, those specific items spoke to them. We tend to gravitate toward things that make us feel comfortable in our own skin, and furniture is no exception.

What does your home say about you? Does your sofa compliment your personality? Are you in need of new Bedroom Mirrors Mill Creek WA? Do you wish you could find the perfect dining room table to seat six people instead of four? Your best option is to find a local furniture retailer and purchase brand new furniture, as there are many risks associated with purchasing used furniture.

Purchasing second-hand furniture, or dragging home that sofa you found on a street corner, is not only unsanitary, it’s downright dangerous. Without knowing where the furniture comes from or who the previous owner was, you put yourself, your family, and your pets at risk when bringing home a piece of used furniture. Bed bugs and fleas are notorious for hiding and breeding inside any type of upholstered furniture. Although bed bugs haven’t been known to transmit diseases to humans, an infestation can cause psychological issues due to sleepless nights and constant skin irritation. Fleas are known to carry many diseases and can cause horrendous itching and skin infections. Who is to say that the previous owner didn’t have some type of contagious skin condition, like scabies? Purchasing or bringing home used furniture just isn’t worth the risk.

If you’re interested in purchasing new furniture for your home, but don’t know where to start, try Erickson Furniture. A family owned business since 1912, Erickson Furniture has a wide range of furniture styles at competitive prices. They offer designing assistance, room planning, delivery, and special financing for qualified customers. Whether you’re looking for a new sofa, mattress, dining table, or Bedroom Mirrors Mill Creek WA, Erickson Furniture has everything you need and more. It’s time to protect your family and pets, and start designing your home to meet your needs and compliment your personality. Let your home and furniture speak for you!


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