Small-Space Options For Dishwasher Repair In Phoenix

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As people are downsizing, kitchens are getting smaller. A standard dishwasher can take up valuable real estate, and can be a major inconvenience to install–not to mention the cost and hassle of Dishwasher Repair Phoenix. If you have a small kitchen and need something appropriately sized, an in sink or portable dishwasher is worth considering.

In Sink Models

The in sink dishwasher is comparatively new. It fits into one side of a double-basin sink, and the average model can hold about five place settings, or a handful of pots and pans. These dishwashers are very quiet, and on most, the lid can be used as a cutting board or extra food prep space.

Many homeowners gravitate toward in sink models because of convenience, but there are other benefits to consider. An in sink model can use half the water of a traditional dishwasher, and depending on the wash setting you use, can do a load of dishes in less than a half hour. You will use less water and electricity, which translates into a lower utility bill each month.

These Dishwashers Aren’t Just for Small Spaces

The in sink dishwasher was made for a small kitchen, but they can work equally well in other spaces, such as outdoor kitchens and wet bars. With their fast run times and convenient location, they are a great supplement to your regular dishwasher. An in sink dishwasher is also great if you’re hosting a dinner party and need to wash a few place settings, or if you seem to always have a sink full of pots and pans.

Alternatives to In Sink Dishwashers

While an in sink dishwasher may be trendy, they are not your only option. An under-the-sink dishwasher has been a mainstay in small kitchens for many years, and can be installed anywhere in the room, despite their name.

If your kitchen does not already have a dishwasher space, a countertop or portable dishwasher may be a good option. If you can afford it, you should consider hiring a remodeler or Dishwasher Repair Phoenix company to come in and install a more permanent dishwashing solution.


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