Why You Should Look Into Duct Cleaning in Stamford CT

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If you think outdoor air pollution is a problem, you have missed out on the news about how poor indoor air quality is these days. The culprit for poor indoor air quality is mostly lack of air duct maintenance. Consider the fact that dust, dirt, debris, and rodent excrement can be found in your air ducts. All of the elements are harmful to your health in some way or another. Breathing problems are the most common health condition that occurs from poor indoor air quality. Duct Cleaning in Stamford, CT can help you prevent breathing problems or at least reduce the instances of allergy problems and asthma flareups. The following information is designed to educate you about the benefits of professional air duct cleaning.

Dust Reduction

Air duct cleaning services help to get rid of the dust that gathers in your system that affects indoor air quality and causes more dust to cover your home’s interior. If you notice that you have an abnormal amount of dust being collected on your furniture or flying around in the sun beams as they shine through your windows then you need to consider air duct cleaning services.

Bacteria Reduction

The EPA reported that indoor air quality can be up to 70 times worse than outdoor air quality. This has a lot to do with airborne bacteria, mold spores, pollen, pet dander, and fungus. These things are triggers to those with allergies and asthma and can actually contribute to these problems even when none existed in the first place. Having your air ducts cleaned out reduces these problems in your indoor air and improves your air quality.

Cost Effective

Did you know that dirt and debris in your duct system and on your heating coils can cause a reduction of your energy efficiency of over 20 percent. Cleaning your system from the coils to the air ducts can increase your systems energy efficiency reducing not only your energy consumption, but also your energy costs.

Air duct cleaning also aids in extending the life of your heating and air conditioning system. Professional service providers have the equipment, expertise, product knowledge, and experience to give your air ducts and your system a proper cleaning. You get to enjoy the benefits of having better indoor air quality and a more energy efficient heating and cooling system.

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