Three Reasons to Call Animal Control in Westerville, OH to Handle Nuisance Wildlife

by | Feb 8, 2018 | Pest Control

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Nuisance wildlife can wreak havoc on property and leave its inhabitants feeling frightened and powerless. Thankfully, there is an easy way to deal with nuisance animals: simply call a professional in animal control in Westerville OH who can safely and humanely trap these critters and relocate them to a better location where they won’t be a bother to human inhabitants. Read on to find out when this is appropriate.

Dealing With Disease

Just like household pets, wild animals are susceptible to a number of diseases such as rabies, distemper, and many other conditions. Some of these diseases can be passed on to household pets if they are not vaccinated, and a few can even be passed on to human inhabitants in the event that they come into direct contact with diseased critters. A wildlife specialist will be able to determine whether or not an animal is suffering from any kind of serious disease and advise the home’s residents as to the best practices to keep them safe from harm.

Avoiding Structural Damage

Some forms of nuisance wildlife, such as squirrels and skunks, can cause serious structural damage if they are left unchecked; this may come in the form of digging beneath outbuildings, or it may even lead to infestations within the home itself. Squirrels, in particular, are known for taking up residence in crawl spaces and attics, making them exceptionally difficult to remove. An animal control specialist will be able to remove any wildlife that is currently taking up residence in or around a home or outbuilding and will be able to help homeowners take preventative measures toward avoiding future problems.

Protecting Children and Pets

The possibility of contracting a disease doesn’t constitute the only threat to family members and pets. Homeowners who choose not to deal with their nuisance wildlife problems are leaving their children and household pets susceptible to dangerous attacks. Even animals that are otherwise peaceful can become violent under certain circumstances, especially when they are protecting their babies or an area that they perceive as being their territory.

Get Professional Help Today

Property owners shouldn’t have to deal with nuisance wildlife alone. In fact, Animal control in Westerville OH is always better left to the professionals. Visit Your Ohio Wildlife Pro to learn more about one dedicated animal control service that can help.

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