Tips for Hiring the Best Chimney Sweeps Great Falls Has to Offer

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Wood burning fireplaces are great to have because they add an incredible amount of character to a home, but many people are little nervous to have them because of the maintenance and upkeep involved. This is the great misconception of wood burning fireplaces. Having a clean chimney is not only for your health but for the safety of your family members and the protection of your home. A filthy chimney can cause all kinds of problems and even cause a huge back fire that could mean reconstruction of your entire fireplace. As long as the chimney is properly cleaned and maintained, you’ll never have any issues. Here are some tips for hiring the best Chimney Sweeps Great Falls has to offer.

Unlike many other services, there is no formal government regulations for chimney sweeps. There are a few private certifying companies, so it would be a good idea to check any potential company with them. Also, check with the National Fireplace Institute to make sure any potential company is in good standing.

Because climbing up on a roof to inspect a chimney is very dangerous, make sure that the company or individual you want to hire has adequate liability insurance. It is not enough to ask if they have it, you’ll want to know the amount of insurance they have and what else it covers. Any reputable company will understand your reasons for asking for proof and will show you without being offended. Be very suspicious if they are offended and do not show you or are not up front with you about this topic.

When hiring a potential company to clean your chimney, it is also important to ask about what measures they take to protect the exterior and the interior of your home. Most companies will use tarps and vacuums to ensure that the soot and other materials do not damage any part of your property. It would also be a good idea to ask about what kind of satisfaction guarantee they offer and the details of it.

Other good pointers are to pick a chimney sweep that works on other aspects of a fireplace too. Many companies offer Fireplace Mantel Replacement and reconstruction as well as a full range of cleaning services.

These tips should help you find the best Chimney Sweeps Great Falls has to offer.


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