The Best Rodent, Pest, and Ant Control St Paul Services

by | Apr 10, 2013 | Pest Control

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Pest control is vital in keeping a home or business safe for occupancy. Though ants are the most common of pest, rodents, and bed bugs can be big problems as well. They are not only nuisances, but cause harm to the structure and expose occupants to harmful diseases. Proper pest control can make a big difference.

Ant Control St Paul services can ensure that a home is ant free. Ant infestations are usually first noticed in a kitchen where food is kept. Searching for food is why ants enter the home. Because ants have the ability to disperse and colonize quickly, it’s not uncommon for a home to house a big population of ants unnoticed. The key is to attack the problem at the source. Pest control services will make sure to find the source of the problem, removing the entire colony. Ant prevention can include a plethora of methods, with the most common being chemical treatments to prevent future infestations.

St Paul rodent control can also help remove rats and mice from a home. Rodents too have the ability to quickly reproduce, letting the infestation grow if not removed. Rodents can bite into chords and wires easily as well as invading food in cabinets. Rats are notorious for carrying very harmful diseases and parasites. They can easily transfer these diseases to humans through bites, contaminated food, and feces. It’s important to rid a home of these animals immediately. Pest control can find where rodents are hiding and remove an infestation effectively.

Bed Bugs are very common and can live in mattresses and sheets. They bite sleepers throughout the night and can cause small itchy lesions on the body. Bed bugs infestations are surprisingly easy to come by as they are small and hard to see. They can come from numerous places and can be quite difficult to get rid of. There are ways to avoid them, but professionals can use innovative techniques to get rid of an infestation and prevent a home from future problems.

Whatever the problem may be, professionals can easily and effectively get rid of it. Pests can harm both a home and it’s occupants, so removing them is key to living comfortably and safely. All it takes is a bit of research to find the best pest, rodent, and Ant Control St Paul has to offer.

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