Tips For Kitchen Décor

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Home Decorating

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Kitchen is an important part of contemporary themed home décor. In fact, more and more people are now concerned about their kitchen décor. Even a small change in your kitchen can affect its look to a great extent. There are several inexpensive and simple decorating ideas that can change your dull and ugly kitchen into a unique and beautiful one within a short period. These include:

Kitchen Decor

Kitchen Decor

  • Change you boring white kitchen walls: This type of kitchen walls appear to be dull with no personality. You can simply paint them with bright and bold colors to add a dramatic impact on your kitchen décor. Moreover, it is also one of the most inexpensive decorating ideas. However, if you are painting your kitchen for the first time, you can use neutral colors, as they will not appear out of date.
  • Use carpets for covering your old and un-matching floor: Kitchen carpets are very good choice for your modern kitchen décor. Though, some of them are costly, they are much cheaper than changing your old kitchen floor. Measure the space and get the right sized area rug. It is better to opt for a bigger one, if you are planning to place the area rug under the table. Make sure that they accommodate your chairs even when they are fully pulled out. Kitchen carpets also add color to your shabby looking kitchen.
  • Change your kitchen décor occasionally: Alter your kitchen decorating ideas seasonally, as it will help you to brighten it up. Get the most out of your kitchen space and allow an airy feel within your kitchen. You can easily achieve this by rearranging your kitchen furniture. You can use blinds instead of traditional curtains and remove or replace some of your furniture and decorations. Adding seasonal flowers is also a good idea.
  • Use mirrors in kitchen: You can conveniently brighten up your dull and shabby looking kitchen by using attractive mirrors. Place the mirror on the wall that is adjacent to the kitchen window wall this will make it will capture the sunlight and reflect it across the whole room. Using an attractive and elegant mirror also enhances the beauty of the wall.
  • Add color and life to your kitchen décor: Hang some plants from the bare ceiling corners of the room. This will add a fresh and lively color to your worn out kitchen. You can either use real indoor plants or silk plants to soften up your kitchen décor.

Apart from these, you can also strategically place your kitchen accessories in order to create a unique theme using salt and pepper shakers, toaster covers, dish towels, pot holders and canister sets. Use different styled cabinet pulls to add a new look to your drawers and cabinet. In fact, you can also refer to magazines and cookbooks for more interesting and convenient kitchen décor ideas.


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