Use Lace To Create Your Dream Room

by | Nov 9, 2011 | Home Decorating

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Lace Valances

Lace Valances

There are several small and inexpensive items that can transform your worn out room into an all new stylish dream room. Unfortunately we overlook them most of the time. Lace, old or new is one such item. In fact, lace symbolizes style and grace and is an excellent choice for planning your new home decorating ideas. You can use them in a number of ways, such as:

  • Lace valances: You can use gorgeous looking lace valances with your wooden windows. They can conveniently add extra beauty to your rooms and give them an all new look. They are light and airy and look elegant in almost any home. You can either use them alone or with lace panels.
  • Lace curtain panels: This is one of the most common decorating ideas. Stitch a matching lace with your curtains and enjoy the elegance they add to your rooms. Moreover, these types of curtains allow light into your room. You can even use the lace to tie them; otherwise they can be either hung straight towards the floor or left to pool on it.
  • Lace trimmed decorative pillows: These kinds of pillows have the potential to add a dramatic effect to you rooms. You can add trimmed lace to your old shabby looking pillows and cushions and simply leave them on your bed and sofas. If you have some extra space at the corner of your bedroom or living room, you can place some lace trimmed decorative pillows on top of your old carpet, to add a stunning look to your room.
  • Lace trimmed linens: You can stitch elegant looking lace to your bed sheets and linens. Sleeping on lace trimmed linen is a lovely experience and your guest will love it too. Moreover, you can give a brand new look to your old and worn out bed sheets.
  • Lace placemats or doilies: Adding lace to your placemats can change the look of your dining table. You can also use them as table centerpiece and keep your fruit bowl on top of it. Lace doilies can add a touch of elegance to any of your old furniture. You can also hang them over the edge of your magazine rack or any other shelf to add a pretty and attractive look.
  • Lace scarves: You can stitch sleek lace to your old scarves and use them as runners on your furniture. You can even drape over your furnishings with your lace scarves. You can even cover the rungs of your small wall coat rack with these types of scarves. They are also useful for your kitchen décor as you can wrap your mug rack with them.

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