Uses for Retaining Walls in Arroyo Grande

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A retaining wall is just what it sounds like—a wall designed of various materials used to hold back soil on uneven slopes in an area where such is needed. They can also be used in various designs to create terraces or pathways on extreme sloped areas. Retaining Walls in Arroyo Grande or any other areas can serve both a practical and decorative purpose, or in some cases, both.

If you live on a piece of property that has hills or very steep areas, and are having issues with rainfall runoff eroding parts of the land, a retaining wall could be exactly what you need. And while serving an actual purpose it can also be attractive, given the wide variety of materials that your wall can be constructed from. Consider using carved or natural stone over plain concrete, as it will give you something pleasant to look at.

If you’re looking to get really creative with your land, you can use retaining walls to build terraced areas on which you can then plants flowers, trees, bushes, or anything else you’d like to see growing there. This sort of area could also slowly work its way up the side of a slope, giving you both a terrace and a walkway all the way to the top. Your friends and neighbors will love the idea of walking up and down your new terrace.

Even if you don’t have a practical use for a retaining wall, you can still have one installed. Consider replacing standard fencing with stone retaining walls instead to create a pleasing appearance around your home. Alternately, you could line your driveway with them, or surround your backyard patio in the same manner. You could even create a terrace-like area directly in front of your home, replacing existing materials with a new stone walkway and a rounded stone retaining wall. Chances are if you can think it up, it can likely be done. Search your area for a quality landscape material supplier and speak to them about design ideas. Discuss what’s feasible and what isn’t—and even if it initially doesn’t seem feasible, they may very likely be able to come up with something close enough to fit your original ideas!

If you’re looking for decorative purposes, check in to what materials are available for use that closely match the exterior appearance of your home. With the addition of something as simple and common as a retaining wall, you can create a whole new look that stands out among the rest of your neighbors. It’s also something that can add value to your property when done correctly, so be sure to hire just the right landscape specialist to get the job done!


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