Why You Should Hire Exterminators in St Paul when You Are Dealing with Bed Bugs

by | Sep 7, 2013 | Pest Control

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It is a terrible feeling to come home from a vacation and realize you brought bed bugs home from you. Unfortunately, as the bed bug problem spreads, this is a reality that more and more people have to face. There are hundreds of products available to consumers that claim to help you rid your home of bed bugs. But, if you are dealing with bed bugs, it is best you hire Exterminators in St Paul. Here are some reasons why professionals are best for Bed Bug removal.

It Can Be Difficult for Regular People to Determine That They Have Bed Bugs:

When people wake up in the morning and realize they have bug bites, many automatically assume it is bed bugs. The reality is that there are many types of bugs that can bite you, even in bed, and leave bite marks behind. And unfortunately, you can’t diagnose a bed bug problem based on the itchy welts they leave behind, as these are similar in shape, size and appearance as flea bites, mosquito bites, scabies bites or mite bites. An exterminator can help find whatever kind of pest is biting you and treat it.

Professionals Have Access to Chemicals We Don’t:

If it turns out to be bed bugs, it is best that you allow exterminators to treat them. In order to rid your home of bed bugs, you have to kill both the bugs and their eggs. The products that are sold for consumer’s use does not contain the chemicals that are needed to kill the eggs, only the bugs. So what ends up happening is people think they have fixed the problem, only to have the bugs reappear. The eggs can lay dormant for six months, and once they hatch, they get to work laying eggs. It becomes a big problem that seems impossible to solve. Exterminators have access to chemicals the kill the bugs and the eggs, eliminating the problem completely.

Professionals Can Caulk and Seal a Home so The Pests Don’t Come Back:

If you share a wall with someone, such as in an apartment, condo or town home, bed bugs can easily be transmitted from one home to another. A professional can examine your home and find any spaces where bed bugs may or have already entered. They can then caulk, seal or fill those spaces, so bed bugs can no longer enter.

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