Hire a Rats Exterminator in Mililani to Avoid Diseases

by | Oct 3, 2017 | Pest Control

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Wild rats are mangy, filthy, and carry diseases. They can also cause potentially fatal diseases merely by their presence in the building. Contact with rat skin, even after death, can result in rashes, fever, or transference of fleas and ticks. The fumes given off by fecal matter and urine can cause lung or kidney disease just be breathing in the contaminated air.

Health and Safety Hazards

Do not risk illnesses or health hazards by dealing with rats. Avoid the possibility of fever, skin conditions, or diseases by hiring an experienced Rats Exterminator Mililani. Proper protective gear, such as gloves, shoe coverings, and special breathing masks are worn. Special tools are used to pick up rats and place them in bags or containers that can be sealed immediately.

Safety is also a consideration. Rats will bite or scratch children, sleeping adults, pets, and people who startle them. Front teeth can reach six inches in length and strong jaws combine to help rats bite through just about any material. Wood, plastics, metals, drywall, and lead pipes can be chewed through by rats. They gnaw on bricks and cement to wear down teeth and sharpen them.


Some species of rats travel in packs, which makes them difficult to eradicate completely. They prefer to hide and are typically nocturnal so it is also hard to see them. If building owners do see a rat, or even suspect them, they can be sure there are hundreds more close by. There are no amounts of over the counter poisons, sprays, traps, or electronic deterrents that will successfully eradicate that many rats.

Rapid Multiplication

These vermin reach maturity at three or four months and begin breeding. Female rats have the capacity to have up to two-thousand babies in a year. That means the pack is growing significantly every day. It will be wise to be proactive rather than reactive. A Rats Exterminator Mililani can inspect buildings annually to detect the presence of rats.


A report from a licensed company, such as Bowman Termite & Pest Management LLC, is required before buildings can be demolished, sold, or inhabited after new construction. Inspections for real estate agents, developers, homeowners, and construction companies can be requested online. Reports are created to be in compliance with Department of Health regulations. You can also follow them on Twitter.

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