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by | Sep 22, 2017 | Pest Control

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Mosquitoes are an unwanted pest that brings on more than a simple itchy bite. These pests can actually carry diseases that make them deadly. It is important individuals understand the dangers and do all they can to protect themselves against bites that could place their health at risk. Thankfully, homeowners can seek the professionals for a Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA.

Mosquitoes Can Carry Diseases That Affect Humans

It is important individuals realize mosquitoes are a real threat and not something to be taken lightly. Mosquitoes are considered so dangerous because they are a primary carrier for a host of diseases, including:

Malaria – This life-threatening illness is caused by parasites that enter the bloodstream, causing grave illness and high fevers.

Zika Virus – This virus is linked to birth defects. Many people do not even know they have been infected by this virus until they are tested.

Yellow Fever – This virus is a potentially deadly flu-like virus which causes high fever and jaundice.

Dengue Fever – This virus is debilitating, causing high fevers and severe joint pain.

How Can Mosquitoes Be Controlled?

With a Mosquito Control Program in Arlington VA, homeowners can protect their families from the onslaught of bites during the spring and summer months. Controlling mosquitoes takes a concerted effort and the control of moisture.

Water provides a prime breeding ground for mosquitoes and they will lay hundreds of eggs that have the potential to become a major infestation in no time at all. As a part of the control program, a residual barrier is placed around the yard that will kill mosquitoes on contact. This barrier provides long-lasting relief from the onslaught of mosquitoes.

If a home is located near a body of water, treatments can be put in place that prevent the eggs and young from becoming viable. It is vital all of these steps are taken so the mosquito problem becomes a thing of the past.

If you are dealing with annoying mosquitoes, you need a Mosquito Control Program. Contact Pest Management Services right away so your yard can be properly treated and protected.

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